A collection of my favorite wildlife photographs taken mainly in Northern Minnesota.

High quality prints are available by clicking on an image. Several sizes are available in luster or gloss finish. I personally suggest the luster finish.

All orders are professionally printed at one of America's finest labs located locally in Minnesota.

  • Blue Hour

    A Great Gray Owl being kissed by just enough light to take a photograph during "blue hour".

  • Drumming For Love

    A Ruffed Grouse drumming on its chosen log during mating season in the spring of 2018.

  • Forest on Fire

    A Ruffed Grouse displaying on its chosen log during mating season in the spring of 2018.

  • Through the Fog

    A Grizzly Bear emerges through the fog on a cold May morning in Yellowstone National Park.

  • Just Like Mom

    Right after its mother jumped down from this rock, this cub of the year climbed on top of the rock to mimic its mother.

  • Loon in Fog

    A Common Loon appears after the fog lifts just enough to take a photograph.

  • Territorial Dispute

    An early morning territorial dispute as an intruder visits a mating pair of Common Loons.

  • Mama Merganser + 56

    The first and most famous photograph of Mama Merganser. At this first sighting 56 babies were counted following her every move.

  • Mama Merganser + 76

    Shortly after Mama Merganser began going viral, I was able to take this photograph showing her with 76 young ones.

  • Red Sky at Morning

    Knowing poor weather was on the way, I made sure to get on the lake early enough to capture what ended up being the most magical sunrise I have ever seen in my life.

  • Snowy Bale

    A Snowy Owls rests on top of a snow-covered straw bale with a frigid hoarfrost background.

  • Curious Claws

    My first encounter with an American Pine Marten was special, as it got extremely close as it was curious as to what we were up to.

  • Locking Eyes

    A pair of courting Common Loons locking eyes as the sun begins to set and the surrounding trees begin to reflect on the glassy surface of the water.

  • Loons in Love

    Quite smitten, this Common Loon shakes off excess water after dunking its head under water several times.

  • Pelican Up Close

    A tight head shot of one of North America's largest birds, the American White Pelican.

  • Tree Topper

    Just as blue hour began, this Great Gray Owl perched at the top of a snow covered tree.

  • Earlier than Expected

    After getting off work early, I decided to head north to look for Great Gray Owls. I was pleasantly surprised to find this owl hunting much earlier than I was anticipating.

  • Standing Tall

    After picturing this shot in my head for several weeks, a Great Gray Owl finally flew across the road and landed on the perfect branch. This is my all-time favorite photograph.

  • Perched on Ice

    Hoarfrost covers every tree limb and branch as this Great Gray Owl hunts on an early January morning.

  • Almost Black and White

    This perch and background provided these closest thing to a Black and White image without making any color adjustments.

  • One time Visitor

    After seeing this Northern Hawk Owl perched on the highest trees for several weeks, I had given up on thinking I was going to have a photo opportunity. One early morning I was quite surprised to turn around and have this visitor within 30 feet from where I was standing.

  • Lucky Shot

    A little bit of skill and a lot of luck lead to this completely un-cropped photo of a Great Gray Owl in flight.

  • Down Low

    Just as I was packing away my camera, this Great Gray Owl flew right over my head and landed on the lowest perch around. I was able to lay flat on the road and take this hand held shot just as the sun was setting.

  • Big Flakes

    Nothing is more magical than photographing a Great Gray Owl while it is snowing. This trip blessed us with multiple hours of snow, including 10 minutes of these amazing fluffy flakes.

  • Landing Gear

    A Great Gray Owl stretches out its legs as it prepares to land on a perch.

  • Soaring in the Snow

    A Great Gray Owl soars in the snow as it chooses its next perch to hunt from.

  • Out on a Limb

    I wasn't expecting to find much wildlife out on this windy day and was pleasantly surprised to find this Great Gray Owl clinging onto this branch as wind gusts made it nearly impossible for it to hunt.

  • Evening Sentinel

    A Great Gray Owl perches with a beautiful background for a short amount of time as the sun begins to set.

  • Setting Sun

    Just as the sun falls beneath the horizon, the sky turns a bright orange for only a few minutes, creating this fiery background.

  • Orchestrated Move

    The setting sun provides a great backdrop for this beautifully back-lit Great Gray Owl.

  • The Perfect Perch

    After waiting several months, I finally saw a Great Gray Owl land and what I call "the Perfect Perch".

  • Glowing Norways

    A Great Gray Owl dances as the setting sun makes the Norway Pines glow.

  • Hidden Among the Trees

    This male Barred Owl takes a nap within a couple hundred feet from its mate as she sits on top of this years clutch.

  • Blending In

    A Great Gray Owl blending in with its environment.

  • Mors Ab Alto

    Latin for "death from above", Mors Ab Alto makes the perfect title for this image, as this Great Gray Owl dives from its perch to grab its prey.

  • Bog Bunny

    I was lucky enough to find this very cooperative Snowshoe Hare along a popular boardwalk in the Sax Zim Bog.

  • Hole in my Heart

    An Eastern Screech Owl (red phase) peaks out of its nesting cavity for a couple minutes just after the sun had set. The nearby street lamps provide just enough light to capture this image.

  • On the Forest Floor

    A Pileated Woodpecker hopping on the forest floor pauses just long enough to capture this photograph.

  • Full Tilt

    I was able to lay down somewhat close to these two and photograph their antics for a few minutes.

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