A collection of my personal favorite photographs taken in Northern Minnesota.

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  • Final Take Off

    As the winter season winds down in Northern Minnesota, this may be the last Great Gray Owl take off that I see until next winter season.

  • Successful Hunt

    With only a bit of light left in the day, I was absolutely thrilled to find this owl hunting along the road. I was able to watch the owl have four successful hunts in less than an hour.

  • Almost Wasn't

    After the owl flew to this perch, I almost didn't take a photo as I wasn't a fan of the very bright background. I decided to snap a few photos, and I was very surprised to see the vibrant background when it was properly exposed.

  • Mood

    Harsh, direct sunlight isn't much of a joy to photograph in. Sometimes it works out. Properly exposing the subject helped create a very moody scene.

  • Simple

    Kept things clean with a black and white edit of this close cropped Great Gray Owl.

  • Tree Topper 2.0

    My wife spotted this Great Gray Owl on top of a very short tree that was on the side of a hill. I was able to climb the hill and eventually get a vantage point where I was looking eye level with the bird - which is something that does not happen often.

  • Surprise Fly By

    I was blessed with a close encounter flight shot, as this Great Gray Owl buzzed right by me as it ascended to its next hunting perch.

  • Snowy Morning

    I was able to watch this Great Gray Owl hunt for several hours during an mid-morning December snow storm.

  • Sitting Down for Supper

    A Great Gray Owl takes a long pause after catching its prey. You can't see it, but there is a vole clenched tightly in its talons.

  • Up Close and Personal

    As I was watching this owl hunt from a distance, it suddenly got curious about me and landed on a perch close by to get a closer look at me.

  • Hole in my Heart

    An Eastern Screech Owl (red phase) peaks out of its nesting cavity for a couple minutes just after the sun had set. The nearby street lamps provide just enough light to capture this image.

  • Mors Ab Alto

    Latin for "death from above", Mors Ab Alto makes the perfect title for this image, as this Great Gray Owl dives from its perch to grab its prey.

  • Blending In

    A Great Gray Owl blending in with its environment.

  • Glowing Norways

    A Great Gray Owl dances as the setting sun makes the Norway Pines glow.

  • Evening Sentinel

    A Great Gray Owl perches with a beautiful background for a short amount of time as the sun begins to set.

  • Soaring in the Snow

    A Great Gray Owl soars in the snow as it chooses its next perch to hunt from.

  • Lucky Shot

    A little bit of skill and a lot of luck lead to this completely un-cropped photo of a Great Gray Owl in flight.

  • One time Visitor

    After seeing this Northern Hawk Owl perched on the highest trees for several weeks, I had given up on thinking I was going to have a photo opportunity. One early morning I was quite surprised to turn around and have this visitor within 30 feet from where I was standing.

  • Standing Tall

    After picturing this shot in my head for several weeks, a Great Gray Owl finally flew across the road and landed on the perfect branch. This is my all-time favorite photograph.

  • Mama Merganser + 56

    The first and most famous photograph of Mama Merganser. At this first sighting 56 babies were counted following her every move.

  • Blue Hour

    A Great Gray Owl being kissed by just enough light to take a photograph during "blue hour".

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